Frequently Asked Questions

So what's a greenlane then?

We could spend ages explaining the ins and outs describing this, but in a nutshell the term “greenlane” is used to describe the thousands of miles of unsurfaced and unclassified ancient road networks running throughout England and Wales which allow unparalleled access to our countryside. Many date back to Roman times and the earliest days of cartography.

I've never even driven through a muddy puddle before, are you sure this is a good idea for a day out for me?

Absolutely! We are on hand throughout your day to offer guidance and tuition to all levels of driver experience. We don’t operate a “tag along behind me” company, we guarantee a full level of interaction from your guide during your day delivered in a professional and clear manner.

My four wheel drive is completely standard, I'm worried it wont be suitable or even capable to use on one of your tours.

We’ve spent countless hours, probably spanning into years, driving and carefully researching the routes we have selected for our customers to drive. We are confident that you will in actual fact be completely amazed at the level of your vehicle’s ability under the correct operating conditions. All we ask is that your vehicle is in a good state of repair and that all of its off road driving aids and systems are in good working order and fault free. Oh! Nearly forget to mention, make sure you have a full tank of fuel before you start out.

What happens if I get stuck whilst driving off road?

Don’t worry, whilst this is highly unlikely you can rest assured that all of our guides’ vehicles are highly modified to deal with any situation off road and are fitted with a winch, heavy duty recovery points, tow ropes and heavy duty jacks.

What clothing is best to wear for the day?

We recommend hiking or walking boots, long loose fitting trousers, a t-shirt or sweat top but we also recommend  bringing along a fleece jacket, a heavier waterproof and wind-proof outer coat. A hat and gloves in the car is also an idea. Even in the summer months, some of the places we get to can still be a touch chilly due to the altitude. Remember that you need to be comfortable for spending protracted periods of time in your vehicle.

Do I need to bring food?

Yes, bring along your picnic and refreshments for the day. We always work in a lunch stop, it’s a great opportunity to check out how your day is going as well.

How much time will I actually spend driving off road?

Obviously this varies on the route being undertaken but generally speaking we aim to guarantee at least 4-5 hours off road, even during the winter months. Driving off road can be quite demanding and indeed exhausting so we also need to balance that out as well.

Am I okay to bring my camera along?

Absolutely! In fact, we would positively encourage you to do this. You’re going to see some naturally beautiful areas of the countryside and it would be a shame for you to not record your day.

Why use your guide service?

The legalities and rules and regulations surrounding the use of unclassified roads and greenlanes in the UK is very much a moot point and always raises great debate amongst opposing user groups. As a result of this, it is an absolute minefield to explore the history and status of greenlanes. If you were to drive a lane that has a traffic restriction order on it then you are committing an offence under the Road Traffic Act. Our service guarantees you 100% that the routes we choose have been meticulously researched with the relevant local authorities and driven by ourselves on several occasions. We have explored thousands of miles and spent countless hours doing this to ensure that the routes you drive are not only legal, but enjoyable and with minimal risk of damage to your vehicle to provide you with paralleled access to the countryside.

Will I damage my vehicle?

A common question. We have worked hard to pay for the vehicles we drive and use as your guide and support vehicles, so rest assured we do our utmost to respect them and prevent damage. We see no fun at all in taking tours to overgrown lanes with severely damaging overhanging branches. Obviously we can never guarantee that you won’t damage your vehicle as every individual drives and handles vehicles differently, some more sympathetically than others. We carry loppers and bow saws for that unlikely event that we come across potentially damaging branches. Our vehicles carry bridging ladders to assist some vehicles with lower ground clearance than other types. In summary, we do our best to prevent damage and if you follow our lead and guidance on the day then you should be fine. We have had some pretty much showroom fresh vehicles on our tours that came away unscathed. A scratched body panel wouldn’t make for a great day out, and after all we want you to have a fantastic day and leave us with a whole new perspective on the way you use your vehicle.